Will Meghan Markle Try To Run For President Of The United States? Breaking Down The Rumors


Ever since the Royal Wedding, there’s been plenty of rumors about what would come next for Mr. and Mrs. Meghan Markle. The most popular theory? That Meghan Markle would run for president with Harry as her First Man. And while I’d love nothing more than the first female president to be everyone’s favorite royal, it turns out the rumors are wrong.

A Kensington Palace rep told Yahoo News that we shouldn’t expect Markle to join U.S. politics anytime soon, as an alleged associate of Markle’s once claimed. “The conversation you describe with an associate is fictitious,” the rep said.

The fact that it’s a false rumor makes a lot of sense. After all, Royals are supposed to be apolitical and hold back their views in an attempt to be unbiased, and running for president seems like the opposite of that. Besides, how is she supposed to do humanitarian work with the Crown if she’s too busy trying to clean up America’s mess? Altogether, Markle as a U.S. politician makes little sense.

Still, it’s sad to hear that I’ll never be able to say President Meghan Markle. After all, in a 2015 interview with Piers Morgan, Markle said, “As a kid, I wanted to be either the President or a news broadcaster like you.”

While her childhood dream may have not come true, my childhood dream sure came true for her – she may not be president, but she married a prince, and she’ll get to continue her love of humanitarian work with the love of her life. Happily ever after.