Woman Insists On Giving Birth In The Ocean Because She Wants Her Child To ‘Speak Dolphin’


Dorina Rosin is adamant that she is going to give birth in the Pacific Ocean and that a dolphin will be her midwife.

No, this isn’t a joke.

Rosin is a “spiritual healer” who is defying the warnings of numerous health officials in continuing to prep for her ocean birth. Rosin claims to have the power to use sound to heal people, and it only costs $100 an hour!

Rosin says she was healed by the power of dolphins, which is why she wants one to midwife her child. She believes having a dolphin assist in the birth of her baby will result in giving her child the power to “speak” dolphin and other magical abilities.

There are high dangers to Rosin and her baby, but also to the marine life in the area. Rosin is set to go ahead with her plan, however, and her story will air on “Extraordinary Births” a British documentary about stupid people giving birth in stupid places.