Woman Marries Gay Best Friend, Believes He’s “Still Fundamentally Gay”


Cosmo has published an account of an unconventional, though not uncommon romance between a heterosexual woman and a gay man. It’s a very charming love story: girl meets guy, guy is gay, they become inseparable, they fall in love despite their sexual preferences, they get married. It almost sounds too good to be true.

But they sound like very compatible mates: they talk constantly, they want to be together all the time (to the exclusion of the woman’s other potential romantic partners), and they are able to have good sex when they finally work up the nerve to try.

The woman reports they are getting married in June, and they have both vowed to stay faithful to each other like a conventional bride and groom.

It’s interesting to ponder the possibilities of unconventional relationships. The thing I’d like to discuss more than “Do you believe they can be faithful and satisfied despite his sexuality?” is “Why do they ‘need’ to get married? Why a conventional wedding for an unconventional couple?” Obviously whatever two people in love want is great. But I feel like affirming that it’s not the right thing for everyone.

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