Here Is Why All Women Should Celebrate Each Other


I was watching Legally Blonde the other day and it hit me whilst watching the first 18 minutes of the movie how very important it is to have friends who celebrate you. What I love about that movie is how much it breaks the stereotypes, one, of pretty girls being dumb (I don’t even know how or why something this ridiculous came about) and two, of the bitchy sorority house where everyone is only fake nice to each other. Legally Blonde is a celebration of womanhood and of women supporting women and it absolutely is all about celebrating the achievements of your friends.

We live in a society that thoroughly encourages competition, especially between women. We see it in regards to looks, success, talent, anything you can imagine, and all it does is build a feeling of sadness and insecurity. The capitalist culture feeds off this insecurity by giving us “more things to aspire to.” Your body isn’t good enough, look at hers. Your skin isn’t good enough, look at hers. Your job isn’t good enough, look at hers. There is a long list of magazines and media companies that are guilty for feeding us unwholesome body image issues from an early age.

This is why it is time for a revolution. Not just where it comes to body image, we need to start loving and supporting each other as women. Cheer your friends on in every way! Cheer them on if they’re looking good, cheer them on for their big achievements, cheer them on for their small achievements! Be the kind of woman who always supports other women because you would be surprised at how much even your most successful friend needs someone to root for them. You would be surprised how much genuine support can mean to your girlfriend who seems like she has it all figured out.

Women supporting each other is the most nurturing, wonderful, brilliant thing, it builds lasting friendships and life long loves.

Lets all start a wildfire, lets all actively participate in boosting other women and cheering them on. Lets evolve past the competition, past jealousy and bitter little small emotions like that. Another woman’s success is not a threat to you. Another woman’s happiness is not a threat or delay of yours. Another woman thriving does not mean you do not get to. Another woman’s beauty does not make you less beautiful. Remember this always.

Celebrate other women and in the process, celebrate the evolved, happy, carefree version of yourself that will be born from it.