Jay Herrod’s “Women, Facts A Man May or May Not Know”



YouTube user Jay Herrod thinks there are some things you should know about women. For instance, “Start giving a woman flowers too often, and she’ll think a man is up to something.” And, “Women talk just as dirty as men.” And, “Not all blond-haired women are dumb and stupid.” He speaks with conviction (and a bit like he’s reading from some Dating for Dummies manual).

Sometimes I feel really freaking awful for watching YouTube videos like this one. I’m not laughing at Jay Herrod, but the only reason I’m watching is because I’m fascinated by how incredibly bizarre he is. Is that wrong? Does that make me a bad human? The conflict is this: on the one hand, he and others like him upload their videos for all of YouTube to see. But on the other hand, would they post these videos if they knew they wouldn’t be taken seriously?

A handful of people have managed to monetize their YouTube laughingstock-ness. But in the case of Jay Herrod and his odd, delusional obsession with teen Disney sensation Selena Gomez and his 2012 presidential campaign, I really don’t know.

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