Wood Heat


Wood heat is different from other kinds of heat.

Regular heat isn’t really something to consider, unless you are poor and can’t afford it or something.

Wood heat is deliberate heat.

When you heat your home with wood, you need to first locate it. You need to chop wood and place it into piles. You must swing an ax purposefully over your head. You must then carry it in piles into your home and build a fire in your wood burning stove.

You can place a tea pot with some nice smelling tea on top of the stove so that the fragrance fills your home. This is optional.

Turning a thermostat doesn’t cause you to wake up with a sore shoulder, or to fear Hobo spiders when throwing your arms around a fresh pile in the dark woodshed. Turning a thermostat doesn’t require waking up early to heat your home for your loved ones. Turning a thermostat doesn’t remind you that you are human.

It could be said that many things are like wood heat: hand written letters, physical books–the kind with notes in the margins, a vacation without internet access, a home without a TV.

There are easier ways to live.

Technology has made life easier in so many ways. Easier to live. Easier to forget you are living.

Wood heat is different from other kinds of heat because it requires you remember you are living.