Working From Home Could Ruin You, Unless You Follow These 5 Rules


Working from home is becoming more and more popular as companies seek a prominent online presence. You have added perks when you work from your house such as flexible hours and the ability to sign for packages when they come, but there are some disadvantages to this career choice also. You must be ever vigilant of your sacred work time and fight off the urge to do housework or catch up on your favorite shows.

Here are a few ways you can gain success while you work from home:

1. Know Your Weaknesses.

We all have tendencies to get distracted at home whether it’s Facebook notifications dinging on your phone or losing yourself in a hole of news articles and cute animal videos. The first step to successfully working from home is to identify these triggers and stay away from them. Put your phone on silent and place it away from you, and make sure the TV stays off.

2. Pick Your Music Wisely.

Productivity increases when stimulated by music. However, your choice of music matters. For me, classical music is best because the melodies are typically upbeat, and I don’t get lost in lyrics like I would with an Adele station. Experiment with different Pandora, Spotify and iTunes radio stations to figure out which musical genre gets your brain ticking in the morning.

3. Build Your Workspace Around Your Inspiration.

Some people need a dedicated workspace to work from home, but others have no problem working from bed in their pajamas or on the couch. Identify which one of these works best for you and build your workspace around it. Have paper and pens nearby to jot notes on, find the closest plug to ensure your computer can continue charging without disrupting your workflow and leave a spot for your morning coffee or tea.

4. Close Down for the Day.

Regardless of which kind of workspace works for you, it’s important to pack up at the end of the day—If you work in a home office, this could mean simply closing the door. Working from the living room is trickier, but it’s important to clear off the coffee table when you finish work. This helps you keep work time and playtime separate, allowing you to “leave work” at the end of the day.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Work Elsewhere.

Sometimes sitting in the same old spot can hinder your creativity and stunt your success. Don’t be afraid to work at your favorite coffee spot or restaurant when you’re struggling to get your inspiration flowing. You may not have to leave the house, though. Try working from your kitchen table, the couch or an outside deck for a change in environment.

Working from home is a fantastic way to make a living. You save so much on gas, food, and if you’re self-employed, you save on office space rent. Although working from home is not right for everyone, it could be just what you need to be your most productive.