Worst ‘Missed Connection’ Ever Shows Just How Real Hooking Up Can Be


Titled, URGENT worst missed connection – m4w – 28 (SoHo), a man named Tom T. is seeking a woman he had drunkenly fornicated with in the bathroom of a bar.

Realizing he had had unprotected sex, Tom got tested. To his surprise, the test showed he is HIV positive.

He wrote this CraigsList ad in hopes that whoever this mystery woman is would see it and hope that she gets tested too.

We met at a bar in Soho about a month ago. You were with your two friends and we started chatting. We started getting shots. I think we just start making out at the bar and I followed you into the bathroom. . . We were so drunk and we had sex. I barely remember, but they the bouncer caught us and they kicked me out. I waited for you outside, but didn’t see you.

Sorry I don’t remember your name, I don’t even remember if you live in the city or were just visiting, but there’s something I gotta let you know. we didn’t use a condom, so I went to get tested. This afternoon I got a call to go pick up the results. I got HIV.

I can’t believe it. I’ve always tried to protect myself but to tell the truth I had unsafe sex before. I feel sad and angry.. I don’t know if I got it from you or if I had it already and might have given it to you. You need to know and get tested as soon as possible. We didn’t exchange numbers or emails and I have no name to look you up on FB, so I hope this will somehow find you.

Truly heartbreaking.