Wow. The Daily Show Chose The Most White Male Privilege Host Possible


Well guys, today is a sad day for progress. Comedy Central just announced (to me privately, no one else knows about this yet) who will replace Jon Stewart when he eventually leaves the Daily Show. Brace yourselves, gang. They didn’t pick a black lady like we told them to. In fact, they went with the most white male privilege host possible: the Bowflex machine that Chris Benoit used to kill his family.

I know these things aren’t based on quotas, and that we can’t really expect network executives to hire people solely based on race or gender, but really guys? You couldn’t find ONE woman of color who would have been better suited for the job than the exercise equipment that Chris Benoit used in 2007 to murder his wife and son?

There’s really not a single minority in the entertainment industry that is just as qualified as the bestringed workout chair, famous for assisting steroid-addled wrestler Chris Benoit in his own suicide after he took his family out with wrestling moves? Can the chair even talk?

Will the chair even fit the tone of the show? Especially considering it’s illiberal stance on domestic violence. Sure it has over 20 different power settings and an additional attachment to help guests perform the same kind of crunches the Navy Seals do before they kill terrorists, but does that mean the chair is a better choice than a minority?

I’m speechless.