4 Things All Achievement-Seekers Need To Do


The outline of this article was conceptualized in my 15th hour awake (an attempt to compensate waking up at 3pm the day before) and scrubbing the toilet. I hate being asked by my parents to scrub the toilet but I actually do like scrubbing it because it’s somehow therapeutic – I’m 19 so that’s technically still a teenager, I enjoy being rebellious and sulking but I’m a mature teenager so I don’t rebel and sulk as much as you do. Well. I’m still too proud to submit to authority, especially if it’s my parents trying to throw their weight around.

1. Decide on something, and be hell-bent on making it happen.

Even if it seems impossible. Maybe it’s a bit of being in denial – but damn, you need at least one supporter.

I’ve got my finals coming up in a week, and I’m barely on track for revision. After skipping classes here and there to my heart’s content (which is as much as I can without getting in trouble), I’ve found myself wound up behind a stack of spanking-new, fresh-out-of-the-printer worksheets and notes with blanks all over the place. I’ve tried to ask Google for affirmations: “Is it possible to do well for paper in 4 days?” “Tips and tricks for last minute studying” “Will I be ok” and shit questions in other variations. Then last night I drew up a study plan for the next few days, and I believe that things will work out just fine if I stick to the plan. Look, I even think I can afford some time to write up an article.

It’s easy to belittle yourself, especially when you live in Singapore and like, almost everyone you know seems to be an overachiever or at least talented in some way or another. Leave it to other people to doubt your abilities! Inhale deeply and go pursue your wildest dream, be it acing the upcoming test, picking up and mastering the guitar, or even a new sport.

2. Sacrifice.

Be ready to make sacrifices. Distracted? You have to put your phone away. Tell your partner and your friends what you’re set on achieving and its great having more help and support too. They’ll understand if you can’t reply a text right away.

Sleep less if you have to get more work done. Stick to your meal plan if you’re serious about losing the muffin top.
If you’ve ever acquainted yourself with Economics you might or might not be familiar with the concept of opportunity cost. It is defined as “the next best alternative forgone”. Next best.

You don’t need next best.

3. Don’t pre-accept failure.

Many people see an importance in hoping for the best and preparing for the worst in a situation. It’s like printing extra invitation cards to your exclusive party and leaving them at the door for the losers so they can come and ruin it for you.

Anticipate success. Accept failure only when it comes.

4. Your potential.

Potential is not who you are, or what you already have in you. Potential is what you want to be. Potential is your ambitions.