35 Christmas Activities For Kids That Guarantee A Happy Holiday For The Whole Family


The entire month of December, you should be finding little ways to celebrate the holidays. You should be spending as much family-time together as possible.

Whether you have extra money to spend or are on a strict budget so you can afford presents for the whole family, there are plenty of things you can do with your children.

Here are some of the best Christmas activities for kids that will make you feel like a child again too: 

1. String popcorn to decorate the tree.

2. Take them on a trip to visit a mall Santa and snap pictures.

3. Show them your favorite holiday movies from when you were younger.

4. Drive them around town at night so they can look at the lights in the neighborhood.

5. Build a gingerbread house together — and then eat the finished product.

6. Take them ice skating.

7. Ask for their help wrapping presents for other family members.

8. Go shopping for ugly holiday sweaters you can wear in your Christmas card.

9. Take them to a soup kitchen or a nursing home to spread holiday cheer.

10. Cut out paper snowflakes and tape them onto the windows.

11. Make cookies shaped as gingerbread men, snowflakes, and snowmen.

12. Set up a miniature nativity scene on your countertop or visit a live nativity in town.

13. When it snows, make a snowman in the backyard or take them sledding down hills.

14. Bring them to a local parade that ends with Santa on his sleigh.

15. Ask them to pick out old toys they are willing to donate to a toy drive.

16. Go caroling around the neighborhood.

17. Make them hot chocolate to sip in their pajamas.

18. Attend a Christmas tree lighting. Or, if you have the chance to visit NYC, see the Rockefeller Center Tree and take pictures in front of it.

19. Bring them to the mall to shop for presents for the family pet.

20. Book a carriage ride in the snow.

21. Have them open up an advent calendar every day of the month.

22. Decorate stockings together with glitter paint.

23. Set up a secret Santa with their best friends or cousins.

24. Before bed, read to them from storybooks like ‘Twas A Night Before Christmas.

25. Help them write a letter to Santa.

26. Dance around the house while blasting holiday songs.

27. See a local performance of The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol.

28. Buy candy canes to hang on the tree (and extra ones to snack on while decorating).

29. Make a homemade snow globe.

30. Bring them outside when Santa passes on a firetruck so they can catch candy canes.

31. Visit an amusement park (like Disney World) that celebrates the holidays.

32. Create your own Christmas picture book with a storyline and illustrations.

33. If your children are more interested in Halloween than Christmas, you can visit a Christmas-themed haunted house (yes, they exist!).

34. Watch old recordings of past holidays and look through pictures to see how much you all have changed throughout the years.

35. Spend quality time together and remember to say, “I love you,” because that is what the holidays are all about.