12 “Foods” That Taste Just Like 1998


In 1997 there was nothing like waiting on the school bus and pulling out a fresh packet of Sour Gushers to take your mind off of the stressfulness of geometry class. Yes, yes! Remember how those bad boys exploded if you weren’t careful and let them get smashed at the bottom of your backpack? Yeah, THAT was the 90s.

1. Fruit by the Foot!



2. Gushers!

So fruity they’ll really turn your head.

3. Lunchables!

Lunch time is YOURS.

4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

I know people still eat it but we were first. Like SO first.

5. Dunkaroos!


How do you do your Dunkaroos????

6. Squeeze It!

You don’t just drink a Squeeze It. You SQUEEZE a Squeeze It.

7. Butterfinger BBs!


Nobody better lay a finger on your Butterfinger.

8. Surge!

FEED YOAR RUSH. Full disclosure: I used to LOVE this stuff.

9. Push Pops!


You never pushed a Push Pop? Lol wut.

10. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese!

Well okay, if you’re freelance you probably still eat this like 3 times a day 🙁

11. Snackwells!


Only two grams of fat!

12. Yoohoo!

Who knew there could be a market for chocolate milk. I mean, it’s just like chocolate and milk mixed together …

image – Youtube