5 Red Hot Reasons A Pisces Is Sure To Give You The Best Sex Of Your Life


1. They have powerful imaginations.

Pisces are known for living in a fantasy world. You know what that means for YOU? An out of this world sexual experience because they’re barely tethered to reality as is.

2. They are incredibly intuitive.

Good at matching and understanding the energies of those around them, Pisces are a very sensitive and understanding Zodiac sign. They can pick up on even the smallest changes in you, sexually or otherwise. Sex with a Pisces feels effortless, almost like they are predicting everything you want before you even have to say anything.

3. They are selfless lovers.

To them, getting you off is Number One most important. Not to say they ignore their own needs (and you shouldn’t either!), but knowing they’re the one making you feel good is a huge aphrodisiac to them. A Pisces is always selfless in between the sheets. They aim to please.

4. They have a tendency to emotionally connect.

Before you go running for the hills thinking this means your Pisces is going to fall in love with you over one (or two) orgasms, CHILL. Emotional connectivity doesn’t mean they will suddenly want to be in a relationship with you. It just means when they have sex, it’s both physical and sensual. They fuck with their bodies AND souls. And if you haven’t had that kind of sex, you are seriously missing out.

5. They are natural seducers.

Pisces are charming in such an organic way. It’s kind of hard to not fall in love (or lust) with a Pisces. They’re flirtatious, but not purposefully. There’s just something about them you become intoxicated with. And being with this person, someone everyone else is drawn to as well, feels like a bizarre accomplishment. Of all the fish in the sea (lolol), this Pisces set their sights on you. Bravo.