12 Things All Long Distance BFFs Understand Too Well



You create VERY SERIOUS countdowns to seeing each other. You’ve got that shit marked on your phone, Google calendar, nearby empty wall. Like a kid waiting for Christmas, you mark off each day with a childlike glee. So soon! SO SOON! Your reunion is just around the corner.


Texting, Snapchat, FaceTime, etc. are your lifeline. Were LD friendships even possible in the dark ages? Was it just like, “Bye Susan, we’ve had some great times but you’re moving up north, so guess that’s it for us!” For our technologically blessed generation, all these apps are a God sent. Honestly. You might not be able to hug your BFF, but you can send them ugly faces on Snapchat all day long. What a time. What a world.


Despite not living in the same place, you still know every detail of your BFF’s life. They will live-text you their date. You will G-chat them a play-by-play of the entire day. You probably talk even more than people who live down the street from one another. Constant communication is key.


You get terrible FOMO when your BFF is having fun without you. If you don’t live within driving distance, this is obviously bound to happen. On one hand, you want your friend to be out having fun and enjoying life. But on the other, they’re not supposed to do it without you!!!!! But you’ll curb your jealousy and double tap their Instagram anyway. Because that’s the kind of person you are.


You cherish every moment you get together. You don’t have the luxury of seeing your best friend whenever, so when the two of you reunite, it’s precious time. You value every second you get to be weirdos IRL.


Your inside jokes are sacred. Do not ever try to place yourself into an inside joke between long distance best friends. They will just stare at you. Walk away, man. Walk away. Let them have this moment.


When you see each other after a long time, people can hear you shriek from 30 miles away. Yes, you scream. Yes, you hug each other and jump around at the same time. Yes, you occasionally get teary-eyed. YOU JUST LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH, OKAY?!?


You have weekly traditions. Okay, you’re not physically together for them, but you’re still texting each other about who you think is going to get the final rose.


You always pick up right where you left off. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen each other, no one would ever know you were apart. Time and space is no match for your rock solid foundation.


You LOVE planning your future life with them. People have referred to you as a married couple, and they’re not exactly wrong. You pick out cities you could move to together, send each other links to dream apartments, and spend hours fantasizing about how things will be when distance isn’t an issue.


There are times it’s undeniably hard. There are times when all you want is to knock on their door and pig out on pizza in sweatpants together. There are times when you’ll envy those around you who don’t need to arrange travel accommodations just to see their favorite person. But those moments make you appreciate your friend even more. You never waste a second with them.


Every goodbye still hurts. Even if you know it’s temporary and you’ll see each other again soon, that drive to the airport or last hug in your apartment stings. It never gets easier to see your best friend leave.