5 Uncomfortable Subjects You Should Be Able To Talk To Your Partner About


1. Finances.

Money is awkward af. I’m not sure if we’ve made it that way or if it’s just some universal truth. I’m not saying you should tell the dude from Tinder you’ve been on four dates with your credit score, but if this is a relationship that’s headed somewhere serious, money is a very real issue. Especially if you’re thinking of combining things down the road. You should be able to talk about spending habits, financial insecurities, budgets, what one another splurges on/considers necessary. It’s not a fun topic, but such is life.

2. The future.

To quote Motion City Soundtrack, “The future freaks me out.” This isn’t the case for everyone. The future being a huge, unknown blur can be equally exciting and terrifying. But wherever you fall on the spectrum, being able to talk those things through with your significant other is, well, a good indicator of the future you may or may not have together.

3. The past.

No, you don’t have to walk them through every detail of a prior relationship. But you had a life before this relationship – and that’s FINE. If you’re worried about jealousy and try to act like nothing ever happened before this moment, that’s a red flag. We’re products of everywhere we’ve been, everyone we’ve known. The right person realizes and respects that.

4. Health concerns.

Again, this isn’t a fun topic. But there’s a whole reason they say, “in sickness and in health.” Our bodies can do weird shit sometimes. No pun intended. Real love doesn’t get embarrassed or run away or act like everything is always perfect.

5. Sexual kinks.

Again, hopefully this isn’t uncomfortable with the right person. Does this mean your partner is gonna be 100% down and always into your sexual fetishes? I mean, maybe not. But you should be able to talk about it. And never try something out without first discussing it. And hey, if you never ask, you’ll never know. WINKY FACE.