25 Undeniable Signs You Are Obsessed With The Holiday Season (Because, Christmas!)


1. You started listening to Christmas music in… February. (Oh, who are you kidding? You listen to Christmas music all year round!)

2. You actually know when Starbucks is going to debut their infamous red cups and you are prepared for that egg nog latte dream coming your way.

3. Your collection of ugly Christmas sweaters is truly untouchable. Nobody has uglier sweaters than you, boo!

4. The Friday after Thanksgiving is your favorite day, because this is when you get your Christmas tree and decorate it while drinking hot chocolate out of a Santa mug and dancing along to your favorite holiday music.

5. Halloween is just a marker to how many days left until Christmas. Same with Thanksgiving.

6. Your collection of ornaments is your most prized possession. You have one (or three!) from everywhere you’ve visited.

7. You start buying gifts for everyone early. Actually, you buy them always. Literally any sale anywhere is an excuse to buy gifts for the holidays, you’re like everyone’s favorite aunt.

8. …But then you can’t even wait until Christmas to give them the gifts, so you start giving them out from October to December.

9. …Then finish off the whole season with a gift on Christmas, too. You are a modern-day Santa Claus!

10. You are best known for your impeccable gift-giving abilities. You are the Gift Whisperer.

11. When people see your gifts under the tree, they’re like, “Whoa, did you get those professionally wrapped??” And you’re like, “no, I did them myself,” and inside you are cavalierly brushing off your shoulder, because, yeah, you know how to make a perfect curly ribbon and to fold down the sides like a freaking elf.

12. It’s like you spend January–October in a fog and then suddenly become alive and filled with incredible joy once November and December roll around.

13. You have a route planned perfectly for you to see all the best Christmas lights in your surrounding neighborhoods.

14. …You will drive an obscene amount of miles to see a truly unbelievable Christmas light display.

15. …And car-dance to Christmas music the entire time, naturally.

16. You’re like a living Blockbuster of holiday movies.

17. You have a closet that is dedicated specifically to decorations, and opening it always smells like pine needles or other winter scents that make your stomach jump with excitement.

18. November is officially deemed Cinnamon Broom Month.

19. Come November, your apartment or house smells like a warm cinnamony winter wonderland.

20. If you work in an office, you are officially the person who brings in holiday treats every week and it makes you feel like you are an elf delivering joy everywhere you go.

21. You non-ironically wear Christmas trees, snowflakes, Christmas lights… as jewelry.

22. Your twitter feed is mostly RTs about how many Fridays there are until Christmas.

23. You know the exact dimensions of your family’s Christmas tree and brag about them frequently (15 ft!)

24. While everyone is putting up their Christmas lights, you’re just doing your nightly routine of turning them on… because those lights never come down. Ever!

25. You are reading this and thinking you need to watch your favorite Christmas movie right now, while wearing your ugliest Christmas sweater while drinking egg nog and also listening to your favorite Christmas carol ALL AT THE SAME TIME BECAUSE CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!