You Gotta Kiss The Girl! 15 Ways To Make Your Kiss With Her Memorable


1. Kiss her before the date starts, not at the end, because these feelings are so strong you can’t move fast enough.

2. A little drunk, in a dingy elevator, but not a sloppy alcohol kiss, a reserved peck on the forehead that communicates your respect before your lust.

3. In the autumn twilight.

4. When she says she is stressed, massage the back of her neck. When she turns around surprised, tell her that she is more beautiful than anything you could have ever dreamed up.

5. Place your hand on her knee, look her straight in the eyes; let the electricity of this contact rush through you two. As the silence is about to break, let lighting strike with the kiss.

6. When she says something self-deprecating. Respond matter-of-factly that she is perfect in every way. Kiss her.

7. In the morning, after the first sip of a warm coffee.

8. Say “you look amazing” and ask her to pose for a photo. Then kiss her. Now this beautiful moment is frozen in time forever.


9. Put your palm in her palm, then move your finger down her wrist until you reach her shoulder. Hover around her shoulder and the top of her chest until your faces connect like two magnets.

10. When the sun is perfect and the sky clear, and the wind is gently massaging the leaves.

11. When the conversation you are having reaches a climax of interestingness. Pause it abruptly and put your lips against her lips. After the thrill of contact, excitingly resume your thrilling conversation like nothing happened.

12. When you are saying goodbye and she hugs you for a little bit longer than usual, kiss the top of her head and let her look up and ask with her eyes for more.

13. Ask: “What would you do if I kissed you right now?” If she says, “kiss you back.” Don’t kiss her right away. Grab her hand and walk her to the most romantic spot you know, and then  while still holding her hand kiss her.

14. Tell her you need to tell her a secret, and kiss her.

15. When the moment is right, and any moment is right, any kiss perfect, as long as you both believe in all your hearts about the expansive potential of this budding relationship.