You Are A Lot More Powerful Than You Think


Empowering myself or empowering the women around me, was never something I set out to do. I set out to find myself, because I got sick of feeling like shit. I wanted out.

I know one too many women who felt or feel this. Let me tell you, the way out was my way in. Into myself. I talk to myself a lot, ask myself all of these questions, gather all the women inside of me and mediate discussions around my self-doubts. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I encourage you to talk to yourself more. A lot more. The things you’ll find out, all the secrets that come out, all of that stuff will blow your mind. Give you a little push forward.

The more I talked to myself, the more I realized my worth. My value. My power.

I realized how much of myself I had abandoned, left alone. I cried, and I still do. It’s okay. This is what I live to be fact. The times you don’t take care of yourself are the times you’re going to face your toughest challenges. It’s so incredibly important to take care of yourself, to nurture yourself, to give yourself all the love that you deserve, because all of that is your strength.

It’s important to feed your mind, your soul, and your spirit because all of that helps you see. Do not house or feed what doesn’t need to be. Most importantly, surround yourself with those who motivate, inspire, and help you. Your power can create just as much good as it can bad, so surround yourself with great people. They are your reminders of light.

If you are a woman, know that you are a godsend. The next time you feel less, remind yourself of that. You are a godsend, you are powerful . The world needs us more than ever, and men can’t handle it on their own. They know this.

I wait for the day that we, as women, realize our power. Especially if you are brown. That will be the ultimate shift.