You Are Allowed To Leave A Serious Relationship


You are allowed to end an engagement. You are allowed to move out of an apartment you bought together. You are allowed to decide that your relationship has run its course, even if you have a long, detailed history together.

You cannot stay with someone because leaving them would be too complicated. Because you would have to awkwardly break the news to your parents. Because you would have to spend money on a different place to live. Because you would have to uproot your life and create an entirely new one without them.

You are allowed to leave someone you once loved. You are allowed to leave someone who makes your world more difficult. You are allowed to leave someone when the relationship stops making sense.

Yes, you should fight for your relationship if you believe you are with the love of your life and would be better off staying together, but not every relationship is worth saving. Some of them are toxic. Some of them are not worth the effort. Some of them were only meant to last for a little while.

If you are unhappy, if you have thought through your decision and decided that walking away would make you happier, then go through with it. Don’t worry about what your friends will say behind your back. Don’t worry about breaking your person’s heart. Don’t worry about the guilt you are going to feel.

It sucks to hurt someone, especially when you care about them more than you care about yourself. But it’s even worse to lead them on for years and pretend you are living a happy life when you secretly wish you could escape. They deserve to know the truth. They deserve to know where you stand with them. If they love you, they wouldn’t want you to live a lie.

Even though you are going to feel like shit for hurting them, you are allowed to end a serious relationship. You don’t have to marry someone and have children with someone, just because you are used to being around them. You have to ask yourself whether moving forward with them is the right decision instead of doing it out of habit because you feel like that’s what you’re supposed to do.

The longer you are in a relationship, the more difficult it will be to leave, but you have the freedom to pack your bags at any time. You are not trapped. You are not stuck with this one person for eternity because you have a history with them.

If you know in your heart they are not right for you, if you know the only way you will find happiness again is by initiating a breakup, then you are allowed to leave. You are allowed to give up on a relationship that took up years of your life. You are allowed to walk away from something you once thought would last forever.

You are allowed to end a serious relationship if you know it is the right choice. Just do it gently.