You Are Better Than Your Depression


Depression actually sucks. It sucks your energy, your willpower, your laughter, your joy, your good mood, your convictions, your faith, and everything else good that lives inside of you. It’s nasty. It makes you moody and sensitive, makes you go zero to one hundred, lets you move up for a little while and yanks you right back down into the dark hole you’ve just escaped from. It’s mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. But while your depression may tell you otherwise, you are so much more than that chemical imbalance in your brain.

You have good things inside of you. You laugh. You make other people smile. You actually kinda like cheesy, predictable movies, and you still secretly look at pictures of cats on the internet when you get bored enough. You have people who love you, and you love people. You get out of bed every day. You wake up in the morning and fight to keep going. You do all of this despite your depression. Sometimes you do it to spite your depression.

Depression is a huge vacuum, taking away everything good. But guess what? Every day you have more good things for it to feed on. Because you are better than your depression. You are good where it is bad. You have joy where it has sorrow. You are full of life where it is lackluster. And it fights back because it knows you are strong enough to overcome.

I’ve begun to think of my depression as a little monster. It wants what I have. It wants my friends, my family, my compassion, my love of life, my ambitions, my passions; it wants me because I am pretty dang awesome. So it tries its hardest to take away everything good in my life. But I don’t let it. I am bigger, stronger, more lively, more determined, and, overall, better than my depression.

So take that, little monster.

I am better than you.

And all of you guys are better than your little monsters, too. Don’t let your depression trick you; you are more than it will ever be. Keep fighting, people, and your little monsters will never get the best of you.