You Are Completely Alone (And Maybe That’s A Good Thing)


You are alone. You make your own money. You pay your own bills. You buy your own groceries. You might waste a paycheck or two on clothing or concert tickets — but you have the freedom to do that.

Everything you have, you have earned yourself. Nothing was handed to you. No one helped you get here. You climbed the career ladder on your own.

You didn’t get the job you have because you knew someone. You didn’t get your success handed to you on a silver platter without having to put in any effort. You worked your ass off to achieve everything within your possession.

You are alone. You don’t fall asleep next to anyone at night. You don’t come home to meals that are already waiting for you on the kitchen table. You don’t get a free pass to lounge around while someone else cleans up after you and does the shopping for you.

You are independent. You take care of yourself. You have a million responsibilities and find a way to complete each and every one of them. Your day doesn’t end when you come home from work. At your place, you have plenty more to do. You hardly get a moment of rest.

You are alone. When you have a bad day, you find little ways to cheer yourself up. When you want to give up, you find the motivation to keep going. When you lose faith in yourself, you always get it back. 

Most people are their own worst enemy, but you are your own best friend. You aren’t afraid of alone time. Your thoughts don’t scare you. You don’t mind solitude. Sometimes, you actually prefer the quiet. You prefer the slow pace.

You are alone. You have gotten through the toughest moments of your life without outside help. You have dealt with loss and heartache and anxiety all on your own. You are self-sufficient. You are a survivor. 

You don’t need someone to tell you how nice you look because you see your own beauty. You don’t need someone to pat you on the back to feel like you are accomplished. You don’t need someone to remind you that you have value. You already know that.

You are alone — and that should not be considered a bad thing. It should be something you’re proud about. Everything you have is yours. Everything you have you earned.

Most people can’t say that. They can’t say they have the work ethic or dedication or drive that you do. They can’t say they are comfortable inside of empty rooms.

Most people are reliant on somebody else to bring home paychecks or cook them dinner or provide them with happiness.

Most people feel like they wouldn’t be able to live without somebody else because they’ve become codependent. 

Most people have no idea how to take care of themselves because they are splitting responsibilities with others.

But you? You are doing this all on your own and that makes you a warrior. That makes you a badass.