You Are Enough And 7 Other Reminders Anyone With Anxiety Needs To Hear Right Now


1. You are stronger than you think.

After all, you live with anxiety every single day and that’s no easy feat. Your mind can sometimes feel like a battlefield with all the shit your mental illness puts you through. But you always make it out. You always prevail. You always pick yourself back up. And that takes real strength.

2. Most of the time, the things we worry about rarely happen.

But if these worries do become reality, you are so much more equipped to deal with it than you are giving yourself credit for (see point 1). Instead, try focusing on the present and be where you are as fully as possible. The now is really the only moment we have control over.

3. You are loved (and are worthy of that love). 

I know your anxiety tells you otherwise, so this is worth definitely repeating. You have plenty of people in your life who love you deeply and for good reason. Do not lose sight of this fact. Your anxiety does not make you unlovable. Not even close.

4. Taking medication or going to therapy (or both!) is nothing to be ashamed of.

In fact, these are the steps that could very well save your life. There are many different types of therapies and medications, it is all about finding the one that works for you since we are all so idiosyncratic.

5. You are not alone.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. People understand a whole hell of a lot more than you might think they do. And to the ones who don’t? Try and take anything they say with a grain of salt and realize their opinions do not matter at all. After all, if they’ve never gone through it, they simply cannot understand. Always consider the source.

6. You are enough.

You are, you are, you are.

7. There is nothing like the power of a deep breath.

When you’re starting to feel the symptoms of your anxiety rise, try your best to slow everything down by taking a few, long, deliberate breaths. It really is incredible how a deep breath can help make our worst moments more bearable. Seriously, it’s biology.

8. Your anxiety does not define you.

It is part of you, yes. It affects your life, yes. But it is not you. You are so much more than the racing heart and the worries that plague your mind from time to time. Learning to separate yourself from your mental illness will be one of the best things you do for yourself. Because you are so, so much more than your anxiety.