You Are Full, But Not Yet Finished


On your own, you are complete. You are a living, breathing being. You can climb mountains and stand up to demons. You can sing, and shout, and write, and laugh, and bless the people around you with your smile. There may be things you cannot do, places you have not yet gone, ways in which you have not yet loved or been loved—but those unfelt, unexperienced moments do not define who you are. What you have left to encounter does not, will not hold you back.

You are full, but not finished.

There are still lips for you to kiss, foods for you to try, hands for you to hold within the palms of your own and teach patience, forgiveness, change. There are still cars you need to ride in, dirt you need to feel soft and steady beneath your feet. There are still places to explore, lives you need to touch, dreams you need to chase, love you need to give away.

You are already a complete person, worthy of all things in this world that are beautiful and grand, but you are not yet done. Your time on this earth is still blooming. You have roots to be planted, seeds to be sewn. You have hours and days and maybe even years to make an impact, to leave your footprint, to share your story, to be and create light and change.

You are not yet finished. There are still ways in which you will rise, and grow, and shape the world around you. There are still messes to make, hearts to hold, chaos to create and watch form into something beautiful. There are still moments of laughter, of heartbreak, of pain you have yet to experience, and these moments will teach you who you are and can be.

There is still a wealth of things to do on this earth; though you are, and always have been whole, you still have so much left to breathe, to feel, to touch, to love.

You are not finished. Your story is not over. Your legacy has not been left; in fact, you are still building it with your hands, your voice, your steps, your heart.

Each day you create a promise; each morning your heart sings its song. You are here for a reason, and only you and God can answer the ‘why.’ So keep chasing, keep dreaming, keep building, keep becoming. Write your love on the sand, in the sky, along the vertebrae of someone you choose to let in. Know that you have been created—not perfectly, but amazingly—to bless the ground with all that you believe, and embody, and love.

You are not done here. You still have places to go, people to become, hearts to love, growth to celebrate. You still have paths to follow and create for yourself. You still have a life to experience—one of fullness and gratitude and blessing and hope. You still have an identity to build for yourself with every moment, every smile, every graze of your fingertips.

You are whole, but continually becoming.

So become something beautiful in each blink, each stride, each heartbeat.