You Are Going To Heal From This


You are going to heal from this, tomorrow, Wednesday, next month or maybe even next year. But you are going to heal from this.

Someone once told me that things fall apart so that better things can fall together, and that stuck with me. If something or someone is not meant for me, or I am not meant for them, it just won’t be, and that’s OK.

Learn to cry when you feel hurt and to smile when you’re having a good time. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off, because it hurts, yes, but it won’t hurt forever and all wounds heal. It might not be fair, and it might not be easy, but it is going to pass and eventually looking back at it won’t make you as sad as you feel right now. You’ll see the lesson and the reason behind it, and trust me when you do see it, you’ll be thankful for it.

If you need to be alone, be alone. There is comfort in solitude and in being with yourself and listening to what you need right now, a bath, a cry, an old movie?

But don’t put yourself down or blame yourself for the situation. Bad things happen to all people, just like sad things happen to those same people, but as Dumbledore said, even in the darkest of places there is light, we must just choose to see it. Keep your head up and use this time to work on yourself and do the things you haven’t done or wanted to try out but didn’t have the time for. Love comes with passion and tenderness, just like it comes with scars and burnt feelings, there cannot be bad without good, just like there cannot be good without bad. It is the law of the universe and the natural way of balance.

Recognize this balance and know when it is not balanced enough or becoming tilted against you. Be strong enough to restore the balance within yourself and acknowledge that the situation has not been serving you or contributing to your best self. Know that you will heal from this, and one day your wounds will serve as a reminder of your strength