You Are Going To Leave Footprints In Places No One Ever Believed You Would Make It To


He doesn’t need you because he’s not aligned with the path laid out for you. Your mind whispers profusely that you need him, yet your soul hints ‘no’ with a lack of words. Your soul knows best, but it’s not a natural instinct to trust words you can’t hear.

There are girls you say are perfect. You want to be her, you try to be her, but you never will be. It has become an unhealthy journey to an unrealistic expectation of yourself. The comparing sucks energy out of you. It is exhausting to try and be someone else. To try and be prettier or skinnier. To wake up every morning an hour earlier just so you have enough time to be as perfect as possible. It is healthy to feel good about yourself, but it becomes unhealthy when you can’t look in the mirror and be content, ever.

It’s common to hold hands with the thoughts that tear you apart, to create fingers pointing at you in your mind. It’s natural to believe the worst about yourself.

It’s your fault. You could’ve been better at this or that. It’s you that’s not attractive enough. It’s you, you, you.

That is what you see. That is what you become consumed and convinced of.

You are the reason they say everything happens for a reason. There is no such nonsense as accident when it comes to you. No burden is carried in your being. You believe your name is synonymous to burden. All the time your ‘problems’ took out of other’s lives has burned out the clock. You feel bad about it and quickly escape to the assumption that you’re annoying and they would be better off.

Let me tell you. Your being is what separates dark, bold, intimidating clouds in the sky. Your bravery awakens desperate sunlight. You have the heart that reflects a lamp at night. The bones and skin and everything in-between that holds you together couldn’t be more perfectly carved. You are perfect even though you’ve never believed it.

You are going to leave footprints in places no one ever believed you would make it to. 
You are the image of a tragic story turned breathtakingly beautiful.