You Are Going To Want To Have Sex To This Song


It’s a real challenge to find any definitive information about a performer with a stage name as ubiquitous as BANKS. Like, how do you find out stuff about someone whose stage name is a NOUN? If you Google “banks,” literal, actual financial institutions pop up. Azealia Banks is thrown in there somewhere, as is Carleton Banks. By design or by consequence, BANKS, an LA-based electronic singer-songwriter who really wants you to call her, is worth the search once you finally get through to her.


BANKS recently released a gorgeous video for her super sexy new single “Warm Water,” a song produced by the UK pop prodigy Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. As you’ll see in the video, BANKS has amazing style, fabulous cheekbones and overall she just seems awesome. Plus there’s a hot guy in it!!! “Warm Water” is shimmery and painfully beautiful, and in addition to the fantastic production value you can hear what an amazing voice BANKS has — a welcome surprise in today’s auto-tuned market. You might say it’s easy for anyone to drop a hot single nowadays, but that’s why you have to listen to some of the back catalog. Turn on the equally infectious “Before I Ever Met You” or “Fall Over,” and you’ll see that BANKS is definitely an up-and-coming pop sensation you need to know.

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