You Are My Greatest Leap Of Faith


Lying down next to her, my mind raced in a thousand different directions. All those things that were yet to be done – meetings, payments, tax etc., and all the work that was still pending. Just then I heard a sound that pierced the whirlpool of thoughts and brought me back into the moment, just like a ray of sunshine penetrates the clouds and lights up the day. The sound of her breath. Closing my eyes, I stayed unmoving, focused on the rhythmic music as she slept there peacefully.

That sound was like that of waves rumbling through the water, the sound of tides crashing against stone. In an instant, it teleported me right to the beach. And that’s when a picture started forming up – slowly, gradually – first just blurred lines, then a sketch, which eventually filled itself with colors. Colors that stir your soul – the greyish blue sea, the white foam on the tides, the orange sun shining through milky clouds, and there I was standing on the beach with a smile on my face – just listening.

Her every breath was like the wave rising as it moved forward towards the land until it breaks at the sand, and then slowly ebbs away back into the ocean, washing away all that there was, and yet paving the way for everything that is yet to be.

It was the soothing crashes that calmed the senses and made someone as restless as me stand transfixed into one spot. The ocean was her love, and I was looking at it from the edge, with every part of my body urging me to take a leap of faith, to step forward and just allow myself to get lost in the vast ocean of her love.

A part of me yelled, warning me that even a small movement could wake her up and I would end up making the music stop, and yet it was irresistible. My hands moved towards her and our skins touched. The fingers were attuned to the sound of her breaths and accustomed to her soft, beautiful skin. Freely but slowly, they moved, while I kept my eyes closed and let the sense of touching her flood through my mind. The rumbles turned to roars, as her breaths became heavier, and she moved. Like the gravitational forces of sun and moon moving the ocean water, our touch had raised a movement within her leading to a high tide – and standing there surrounded by water, I let the wave engulf me, washing away all that bothered, sweeping away all that did not matter.

What mattered was US, just me and her in our own world – lost in each other, cuddled in a tight embrace. Eventually the tide ebbed away and opening my eyes, I could see her smile – that innocent smile that comes to only those who are pure of heart.

All our lives we have known and believed that love is abstract, it can be felt but cannot be touched. But here I was, feeling it through my hands, listening to it, seeing it in my mind and letting it flow through my veins.

Love was lying right next to me. There might be countless memorable moments and experiences that leave a long-lasting impression on our mind – some of these moments we create, some of them just happen. But never had I imagined that just lying next to her in the comforts of our bed, with my arm wrapped around her shoulder, her head resting on mine, could ever turn into something so mesmerizingly beautiful that it could make me smile all day.

Like her ruler “The Sun”, she had shone light on my dark life. And now, like her sign “The Lion”, she had roared through her breaths, holding me close, her paws on my chest – reminding me that I was hers, and she was mine. And I was grateful, to have taken that leap of faith.