You Are Not A Robot, So Don’t Act Like One


Humans crave structure. Humans crave that sense of stability in our lives that rewards us with acceptance from the outside world. The desire to stick to a fine-tuned schedule, act in a predictable way, and talk with the same few minds day after day. Why? Because it’s comfortable, it’s easy, and it’s an excuse to not stray from the norm or feel any discomfort.

But what’s the cost of denying ourselves from the act of change? The cost of restricting our actions to stay in this perfectly structured mindset?

Well, the truth is, nothing in this life is perfectly structured.

Us human beings are special. We weren’t built to be like robots following a strict set of algorithms living a calculated path from our creation to demise. Structure should be only a mold to help us stand, but not directions to guide our every move. Let it help build you, but don’t be afraid to go outside the lines, to run off the path, and find your own chosen beat.

We are meant to be bold, to be brave, and to go beyond what we thought our limits would allow. 

It’s natural to be afraid of the unknown, heck, fear it. But once you take that first dig into the unexpected, you will realize it’s not as terrifying as your mind lays it out to be. The only reason we fear it is because our mind creates non-existent fear. We worry more about what might happen than actually trying.

Think back to any time in your life, to a moment where you achieved something big or small. Asking out someone on a date, landing that job, nailing a test, or starting a personal project. At that moment you felt powerful, you felt inspired, and you felt unstoppable.

But before that high, you felt uncertainty, you felt scared, and you felt like maybe it was a mistake for straying from the norm.

What you felt was being human.

What you felt was an exciting possibility of discovering something new. You felt the gift of being alive, you felt feelings of growth, and you felt so passionately about something that it brought out these magical forces that make your mind light up.

Now that, a robot can’t do.

Change is the essential ingredient to a fulfilling life. Change for the better, change to enjoy the simple pleasures, change to make your relationships more satisfying, change to love more, change to smile more, and change to go for your goals.

Change big, change small, and change often.

Change. Not because you are told to, but because – you are human. And you are the most brilliant living thing on earth.