You Are Not Too Fucked Up To Find Your Forever Person


You might feel broken. You might fake smiles. You might lie to yourself about being okay. You might feel like everyone is deserving of love, except for you. You might be convinced that true love is an elaborate lie, that it doesn’t exist in the first place.

You might build walls. You might keep your guard up, even around people you have known for years. You might push strangers away before they come too close. You might have trouble trusting. You might have trouble telling the truth yourself. You might lock your emotions away because you’re too afraid to feel them. You might overcompensate by acting like you are emotionless, like you couldn’t care less about anyone or anything.

You might be weighed down with baggage. You might be tired of outrunning your past. You might wish that you could drown out your memories with enough whiskey or sleep or time. You might not have gotten the closure you needed. You might want to hurt the people who have hurt you. You might be stuck on something you should have gotten over long ago.

You might feel like you are too fucked up to find your forever person. You might think that someone like you doesn’t have a match out there — but that is not true.

You are worthy of love. Even if you have your doubts that it exists. Even if you are convinced that everything good comes to an end. Even if you think that happily ever afters are complete and utter bullshit.

You are worthy of love. Even if you haven’t learned to love yourself yet. Even if you avoid mirrors because you can’t stand to see your face. Even if you spend every midnight thinking about the mistakes you’ve made that you can never take back. Even if you think that it is your fault that you ended up as cynical as this.

You are worthy of love. Even if you keep telling yourself that you’re fine without it. Even if you are convinced that you’ve already found the right person and let them get away. Even if you have had your heart broken a million times before and can’t take another loss. Even if you have been cheated on by someone you believed would never hurt you, someone who you never thought would leave. Even if you have experienced the worst kind of heartache.

You are worthy of love. Even if you are flawed. Even if you are difficult. Even if you are messy. Even if you are going to take some time to get to know someone before agreeing to commit to them. Even if you are going to be cautious in love, so that you don’t end up getting hurt again.

You are worthy of love. Even if you are fucked up. Even if you have a darkness hidden inside of you. Even if you have scars that can never be scrubbed clean.

You are worthy of love. You are worthy of finding your forever person. You are worthy of it all.