You Are Stronger Than All Of Life’s Storms


Inner peace is recognizing that everything is fleeting. Take a moment to imagine that your heart is the sun and that your worries are simply clouds passing by. Now close your eyes and watch your worries move out of your mind’s eye and focus on the warmth of your inner sun.

Inner peace is not a destination; it is a place inside of us. What is often blocking us from this peaceful place is the turmoil that we may feel and comes in various forms like anxiety, stress, overwhelm, etc. These manifestations of chaos are often transient storms that brew within our minds. These storms can sometimes be seasonal or can return like an afternoon summer shower, but they are almost always temporary.

Behind these storms is who we are at our core. Our true nature. Our highest self. Our inner light. And if we permit ourselves to see beyond the weather of our minds, we can see that we are not these storms. We are not our anxieties, worries, or fears. We are so much more. We are the sun and the moon that come back every single day and night, no matter what is happening in the backdrop of their sky (and of our lives). We are resilient, and we are committed.

For no storm is ever powerful enough to take down the brave sun or its soft, loving moon. They keep their heads up and stay valiant and confident while shining down on the world with light and hope. Even on the days we don’t see them as clearly, we can rest assured that they are there. And so even on the days when we feel most disconnected from ourselves or tired from the uncertainty, we can look to the sun and moon inside of us to remind us who we are on the deepest level.

Look to your heart when the clouds start to form. Look to your soul when the mist of the fog rolls in. Look to your inner sun when the rain begins to fall. Remember that you are more powerful than what is happening around you. Look to your light. Look to your love. See yourself for what you are and know that these storms will one day be over, but you will always have that sun inside you, burning with passion and keeping you warm even on the darkest days.

Let your heart continue to light your way.