You Are The Reason


You are my reason to smile.

You are my reason to persevere.

You are my reason to endure.

You are my reason to laugh with happiness.

You are my reason to wake up with a smile upon my face.

You are my reason to keep going when life gets tough. You are my reason to feel alive.

But you are also my reason to cry.

You are my reason to feel lonely.

You are my reason to feel empty.

This is how you know you have genuine emotions in my heart. The same person who puts a smile upon your face just so happens to be the same person who is behind the tears pouring down your face.

The question you have to ask yourself is one that is hard to answer because the answer could be heartbreaking. The question is simple… Is the person worth it? Be honest with yourself. Is your person worth the tears you cry at night? Is your person worth waiting for? Is your person worth the smiles? Is your person worth your emotions? Is your person worth enduring such emotional distress?

Well, my person is worth waiting for. My person is worth waiting for…. for months and even years. I have done it before….. crazy, right?

This person drives me to be a better version of myself. As weird as it sounds, they are definitely worth all rivers of tears that stream down my face. They are worth waiting for because I know, deep down, that the person I am waiting for is a good-natured person. Maybe they are not used to me, for I am a romantic and hopeful person. I want the best for them. Once upon a time, I told them, “You are worth waiting for. However long I have to wait for, I am willing to endure that wait time. You know why? Because you are worth it.”

If you have someone worth waiting for – despite the ups and downs – then please wait it out. Stick with them through it all. Please show them that they truly are worth waiting for. You see the good in them. You see the diamond shine within their eyes. You see their potential. You hold onto that potential. Show them that you support with them – even if distance is in the way. Show them that you believe in them. They are your reason to keep pushing forward. Don’t let them down. Show them that you are in it – 100% – despite the roller coaster of emotions. You support them. That makes them smile. One day, they will realize what you do for them and they will embrace you with open arms. That is the reason you should keep waiting. Because they are worth it. You are worth it. You owe it to yourself and them to see the two of you become a power couple. Work on your empire while you wait. Then combine both empires to create an unbreakable force. Why? What’s that reason? Because they are worth it.