You Are Too Full Of Life To Be Half-Loved


Sometimes the memories you hold onto of a person are the only things you have left of them. Maybe that’s all they left you with. Those memories might be great, but what about the bad ones? Sometimes you find yourself looking at all of the good qualities, you forget about the bad.

Yeah, maybe he was outspoken, had good looks and a bright future and made you feel like you were the only girl in the world… but what about the times when he belittled you, and only talked to you when he needed something? What happened when you were the one asking him for help, or a shoulder to cry on but his only responses would be “I’m sorry” or “I don’t know what to tell you”.

That feeling is the worst feeling in the world, the person you would do anything for just doesn’t know how to make you feel better. You begin to realize you’re there for that person a lot more than they are for you. You are better than this, and even though it may break your heart that your best friend, lover or soulmate could do this to you, you have to find it in yourself to let go.

You start to realize that you are too full of life to be half loved. Life is pretty. There is so much beauty despite the pain and bad things that happen and you always have to look for that when letting go of someone that means so much. There is going to be days when the sun doesn’t shine and you will want to cry, and everything will go wrong but in this you will find peace.

Find peace in the fact that everything is temporary, tomorrow is never guaranteed. You can’t waste your time carrying around the burden of someone who doesn’t care about your personal growth, well-being but most importantly your heart. At least you can say you loved with all you had, can they? You have the power to say “I won’t let this hurt me.”

Trying to move on and forget about something that meant so much to you isn’t a crime. It’s letting go of something already gone.