You Are Worthy Of Igniting Your Life


There is a spark in you, a light in you, and a fire in you. It’s burning inside of your heart and fueling your soul.⁣

There is a desire inside of you to shine and to share your truth with passion.⁣⁣

There is an urge inside you to transform and alchemize the dreams you’ve been kindling all these years. ⁣

There is a magic in you that creates light even on the darkest nights and it lives inside the broken parts of you.⁣

There is light in your heart, fire in your eyes, and a spark at the end of your sentences. ⁣

I see that brightness in you, but I worry that you don’t see it too.⁣

⁣Too often—way too often—we fear letting ourselves shine because that means letting ourselves be seen.

We worry about putting a spotlight on ourselves. Because what if someone judges us? What if not everyone loves us?⁣⁣

We are scared to savor the sun that shines on our skin but also lives within. So we hide in the shade, waiting until we are brave. ⁣

⁣But my love, it’s about time that you shine without shame.⁣

You are worthy of igniting your life, and you are the light the world needs.⁣

You are ready to manifest your dreams like fireworks and let yourself be seen. ⁣⁣

You are magic and goodness and grace. You are wisdom illuminated and potential in the spotlight.

Don’t hide from the glow. Don’t run from the light that lives in your soul but grows in your heart.

Be like the stars that never fear to shine, regardless of clouds or rain or snow or whatever the sky holds.

No more shame in our greatness. No more doubt in your wakefulness. No more hiding our fire. ⁣

Come on, let’s rage on.