You Aren’t Loving Too Hard You’re Loving The Wrong People, There’s A Difference


Remember you aren’t loving wrong….

Just because it’s not working out time and time again, doesn’t mean doesn’t your doing it wrong. There is no wrong way to love people and care about them. The love part of this you got right.

…You’re loving the wrong people.

If someone makes you feel like you’re loving wrong it’s because they aren’t the right ones who are deserving of your love.

It isn’t that you don’t deserve him…

People are easy to point blame at themselves like it’s them who isn’t good enough. Replace the word ‘not good enough’ with ‘not right.’ Sometimes someone who you might adore, might not be right for you and it’s hard to accept sometimes. But remember your value doesn’t decrease just because someone can’t see your worth.

…He doesn’t deserve you.

Build yourself up to be the best version of yourself you can be and when and if someone turns you down, you’ll realize maybe it’s them who isn’t at your level. It’s okay to want exactly what you give others and it’s about time you start demanding it.

You aren’t too hard to love…

Get the thought out of your head that you’re the problem. Stop saying you’ve been hurt too many times or you’re too broken to be loved. A lot of broken things still work and the fact you still love really hard is a testament to your strength. Give yourself more credit than you do. Anyone who makes you feel like you’re too much isn’t enough for you.

…You make it really simple actually.

You love people the way you’d like to receive it fully and completely. You’re the easiest person to love and a lot of people aren’t used to that so they reject it. You give and don’t expect much. You deserve so much more than you settle for and that’s the problem here, not your love but the love you settle for.

So before you start thinking you’re too hard to love, remember the right person will love you back and everything about it will make you realize how easy it’s supposed to be.

There’s no wrong love, there’s only wrong people who don’t deserve it.