You Broke Her Heart, But One Day She Will No Longer Care


She can’t help but wonder what you’re thinking right now. There’s a part of her that hopes you think of her and regret the way you betrayed her. She’s not okay and she won’t pretend that it doesn’t hurt. What you did still makes her cry and she still finds herself asking why you had to lie.

She wonders if you wish things didn’t have to end this way. She wonders if you wish she didn’t leave. She wonders if you pray that she will learn to forgive.

She wonders if you look at her photos and feel a slight twitch of pain in your heart. She wonders if you ask yourself why you didn’t even bother to fix the mess you made. She wonders if you wish you can talk to her and say you miss her. 

She doesn’t know what to feel anymore. There are times when she feels okay but those times don’t seem to last. She doesn’t want to talk to you because she doesn’t have the courage to ask why you chose to break the trust she found so difficult to give when you first started. 

She took a risk and lost in the end. She took a chance and it didn’t end the way she had always wanted.

She doesn’t expect to be friends with you because she has learned that it’s not wise to be friends with the people she used to love. She couldn’t help but question why it was so easy for you to betray her after promising that you won’t do anything to cause her pain.

She doesn’t bother repeating the promises you chose to break just to prove that you didn’t follow through with your words. She doesn’t see the point of holding on to the past because it’s so clear that it didn’t mean anything to you in the first place.

She wonders what will happen after she moves beyond this pain. She wonders when it would be okay for her to see you again without hurting or hating. She wonders if someday, you will remember that day and wish you didn’t let her go that easily.

She constantly wonders but it doesn’t matter because a time will come when she won’t even care about your answers.