You Can Be The Best Version Of Yourself And Sometimes It Still Won’t Be Enough


You can be the best version of yourself, and sometimes it won’t be enough. But that never means you’re not enough.
It means that the other person is not ready for you.
It means that you’ve done everything right.
It means that you’ve worked hard enough.
Sometimes, other people simply haven’t gotten to that point in life yet.
And that’s all it is.

Now, that first section was first published on Facebook as a short blog post. But I feel that it has more power to it than just that.
So I let’s keep diving in.
When someone else is not ready for you, you must keep in mind that that right there is not a reflection on you.
It is a reflection of them.
Of their insecurities.
Their fears.
You have built yourself up.
You have created that strength within yourself.
You have fought harder than you ever thought possible for days and weeks and come out with your head held high.
Please, do yourself a favor.
Don’t allow their insecurities to bring you down.
When they aren’t ready, they simple aren’t.
Yes, it might be heartbreaking at first. You might have gone on a few dates. Late night phone calls.
3 AM “Goodnight” texts.
But the fact still remains strong.
You have taken care of yourself and built yourself up.
You can only invite them on the journey with you, never force them.
If they refuse. They make excuses.
Let them. It’s their loss.
They are scared. And you have done everything you can.
Stay true to who you are.
That is the greatest gift you can give yourself.
Stay Strong.