You Can Never Be Replaced


There you are.

You, who is worthy of happiness.

You, who is worthy of success.

You, who is worthy of love.

You, who has no need to prove anything to anyone.

You, who never had it at all, who still doesn’t have it all, and who has been blessed with all, but truly, all you really have is what you can be grateful for.

You, who doesn’t have all the answers—for you speak on what you know and must listen to learn about what someone else knows.

You, who is radiant in every curve and every scar and every bulge and every part of your heart that shines outward—may you witness your own glow.

You, who is torn and broken and wanting and craving and needing affection in all the forms that you are willing to give because time and time again you provide so much for others that little do you provide that for yourself.

You, who is altruistic at birth, who cares too much, who considers too much, who goes the extra mile because it matters to you when the rest of the world may think otherwise.

You, who lives in sentiment and nostalgia—your sensitivity is rooted in empathy and in the compassion you have for others.

You, who works harder than most—may you own every moment where you can flip your finger and own “me” time.

You, who can say “no.”

You, who is kind in a world so easily manipulated, misunderstood, and misguided.

You, who is so fucking sexy, making love to yourself would be so much easier with a mirror installed on the ceiling of your room.

You, who can say “yes.”

You, who is beautiful when you think you are not because a world so fucked-up as the one we live in chooses to elevate a gross establishment of twisted empowerment wrapped around the fingers of social media.

You, who is gifted and talented and whose various mediums of expression and the hobbies and activities that you choose to enrich your life with are impressive and unique as the person you are.

You, who is daring.

You, who strives for balance between rest, fun, and productivity.

You, who needs time to forgive yourself for doing the best you can when all you give is yourself. Every. Damn. Time.

You, who must be selfish for once because you are too remarkable to feel or be made to feel anything less than worthy.

You, who is tired, just fucking tired. Every break and outlet you give yourself is not enough to make you feel that you are adequately fulfilling the life you want while still allowing yourself room to step back and breathe.

You, who wants to see someone you care for attain their dreams and secretly hopes that that there is someone who wants that much for you.

You, who is lost and trying to wrap your head around the idea that you are and will be OK.

You, who no one understands better than you understand yourself.

You, who can never be replaced.

You, who is just you.

You are worthy, capable, attractive, and blessed, so don’t you dare lose sight of that.