You Can Now Buy Your Own Spray Painting Drone Courtesy Of KATSU


KATSU, the mastermind behind defacing Kendall Jenner’s giant Calvin Klein billboard in New York City is now offering his services to would-be grafitti artists (or to those who have long been in the game, but want new toys to wreak havoc with).

Calling his drone, ICARUS ONE, (Greek myth enthusiasts may realize Icarus as that one kid who used feather and wax to fly away from Crete, but fell to his doom after flying too close to the sun), KATSU is promoting his open-source drone to “unlock the potential of artistic expression.”

The drone is controlled along with an arduino board. A separate remote, which ends up being taped on to the back of the Phantom 2 remote, controls the lever of the spray can.

It’s pretty genius, actually, which makes you wonder how many people have actually attempted this and succeeded? Apparently it’s only KATSU and F.A.T Lab.

KATSU and his team are planning to create ICARUS TWO, which would eventually allow the artist to use an iPad to sketch the illustration, where the drone would automatically draw it on the surface it is facing.

Stay tuned for more.