You Can Now Get Married At Taco Bell, So It’s Officially Time To Pop The Question


Just when I never thought I would be able to find my dream wedding venue, the stars have aligned and the angels have descended from heaven to make all my hopes come true: you can now get married at Taco Bell.

Taco Bell already announced earlier this year that it would now cater for weddings, but this is a huge, progressive step toward wedding venue diversity and my personal happiness. Because why have Taco Bell come to you when you can have your entire wedding party and 200+ guests go to Taco Bell?

Let’s just say we’re all pretty stoked.

Because only true revolutionaries have Taco Bell weddings.

Who said nothing good ever came out of 2017?

It’s basically a sign from God to find the one you love, pledge your eternal commitment to them and celebrate with tiers and tiers of Crunchwrap Supreme wedding cake.