You Can’t Help But Love Them


You know those friends that you have known for what feels like an eternity? The kind of eternity where you know that the earth is spinning at 70,000 miles per hour around the sun but you can’t feel it going so fast. The years have gone by so fast that it feels slow, but you revel in it. You love the way that they saw you suffer through heartbreak and the way they know how it still hurts sometimes even though it’s been three years. They saw you love and loose yourself and then find yourself again.

You will always remember them from when you first met them. The way that everyone ridiculed their laugh, but you secretly loved it. You loved how contagious it was and how real it was. How when they laughed you could see into the very depths of their soul and for a split second you thought that maybe you understood them. That for one moment you thought that maybe you weren’t the only lonely one, and that maybe there’s someone like you. And as fast as that moment came, it was gone.

Those friends are different now because they changed into the people who they are today. Maybe  how they used to be is hiding somewhere deep inside themselves. There will always be that echo of the past, but sometimes you want that old friend back so bad that it hurts. They are so different now that it feels like you don’t know them anymore, but they know you. They know you so well and they constantly remind you of that. They bring it up everyday. They remind you how you abandoned them for a boy who left you. Then they remind you how they took you back. They constantly tell you how you have changed for the better, and you want to prove them right because you love them. You love them and you hope they know.