You Can’t Quiet A Woman With A Mouth


This woman embodies fierceness. She walks boldly. She talks purposefully. Each step she takes is deliberate. Each syllable she speaks drips with passion. When she opens her lips, words of truth and light tumble out. There is not a thing she says that isn’t soaking with her love and strength.

She is calm. She is wild. She is all things chaotic and beautiful.

And when she is fired up, she is a force.

You can’t quiet a woman like this. A woman with a mouth. A woman who wants to speak her truth.

You can’t put out the fire in a woman who burns brightly for what she believes.

You can’t look into her eyes and tell her she’s not enough. You can’t convince, coerce her with your selfishness because she won’t be changed by someone whose heart speaks with untrue intentions. You can’t push or prod or pull her away from what beats wildly in her chest. You can’t hold her back or keep her down.

You can’t silence a woman who isn’t afraid of her voice.

You can try to reduce her flames to ashes, try to contain her, bottle her up. You can try to weaken her with words or actions. You can do everything in your power to flatten her as you rise above.

But still, she will find her footing. She will crawl, she will step, she will shimmy off the ground and slowly back to her feet again.

She will not be shaken, simply because you shatter the foundation she stands upon.

She is not a woman who so easily gives up.

When life challenges her, when people fight against her, when she faces mistreatment of herself or the ones she loves, she won’t take a back seat. She won’t sit and watch passively as people break. She won’t pretend she doesn’t see or feel the pain pushing against her own ribcage.

She won’t be told how or what to feel.

Instead, she will flex her muscles, take up armor. She will bolster herself with faith, with confidence, with passion. And she will stand to face any demon in her way.

You can’t break a woman like this. A woman with a heart two sizes too big. A woman with purpose riddled in her veins.

You can’t quiet a woman like this. A woman who believes. A woman who battles out of love, not hate. A woman whose words are bold and unafraid.

You can’t stop a woman who is ruled by herself, not the world.