You Can’t Wait For Happiness To Find You


For a long period of my life, I identified myself with different forms of negativity. On an unconscious level, I didn’t want to let go of pain and make a positive change. My inner-conscious felt it had the identity of a depressed and angry person who would sabotage any positive things happening in my life. And it was only once I learned to consciously feel my own presence in the moment, I was able to drop heavy burdens from my past.

Waiting for time to heal your pain is just delaying your potential happiness. Your hole of unhappiness grows deeper, and your conscious becomes even more connected to those negative feelings. Pain only feeds off of more pain. You have to disrupt the process, and consciously fill your days with bliss. Take action in your life. Any action is better than burying your head in the sand, hiding from the world, and more importantly yourself.

Because “waiting” is just another word for pausing, for freezing. Start living in the only moment that matters, right now. The more you are focused on the past or the future, the more you are missing out on right now, which needs to be the primary focus of your life.

So many people spend their whole life waiting to start living. Once you are completely aware of the present moment, struggles and unhappiness will dissipate and be replaced with joy and jubilation for living the life you deserve.

If you made a mistake, you consciously recognized your error and learned something from it. If you continue to overanalyze and dwell on everything you could have done differently, you are stuck in the past. If you remain trapped in the mistake, you learned nothing. It can only be a lesson if you move forward.

All stress and anxiety is fear of the future. Regret, guilt, sadness are all the inability to let go of the past. You need to honor the present and surrender to your resistance of recognizing the beauty in your life. The quality of your current consciousness is what will shape your future.

Don’t overlook even the simplest tasks and start to fully engage yourself consciously in everything you do. Stop thinking of the next task you have to do and fully immerse yourself mentally and physically. You have to be conscious to be thinking, but you do not need to be thinking to be conscious.

Quit waiting for life to just work out. Make a change and take control of your consciousness. You control your own happiness; don’t waste any more time waiting for it to come find you.