You Chose Space, And I Chose You


The person who made me feel so safe
The person who took the time
to put my anxiety-ridden heart at ease
whispering reassurance for years
“You are enough”
“You are my future”
“We were meant for this”
left me on a Thursday

I cannot fathom how someone
who promised everything
this world could offer me
could simply wake up one day
and decide they need to go
decide they need space

Space was the obstacle
we were trying so hard
the entirety of our relationship
to overcome

Space was the big
red-eyed monster
always threatening us
but never shaking our foundation

Space was our enemy
Space was the battle
life kept deciding
we kept needing to fight

Until suddenly…one day
you laid your armor down

You sided with Space
You let Space in—no you welcomed Space
with open arms
and a kiss
You let Space in
while I was busy on the battle field
foolishly fighting our good fight
pleading with Space
losing my dignity to Space
so that I could salvage us
not knowing that you were on the other side
the entire time
waiting to sneak up on me
with Space.

I feel it now.