You Chose To Love Me


It was 3am and the night was still, the world had long gone to sleep. The whole world except you and me. The night air was crisp and cutting but we were warm beneath the sheets, limbs tangled so we became like one.

“Have you fallen in love with me?” I whispered to you. I had become bold, shrouded by the darkness.

You shook your head and my heart sank.

“I chose to love you.”

I looked at you confused and my silence gave it away. And so you told me.

Falling in love implies that the person did not have a choice, a say. They saw the person, chemicals reacted and they were intrinsically drawn to the person. And that’s why you believe in love at first sight.

But with me, you chose to love me. There wasn’t a special day or moment. It was gradual, and over time.

and every time since then, you’ve chosen to love.

You choose to love me when I have my moments and take it out on you.

You choose to love me when you were at the club and you were surrounded by girls who were hitting on you.

You choose to love me when I wake you up in the middle of the night because I’ve had a nightmare.

And I suppose that’s why we’re so different. We never did go through a “honeymoon” period. It wasn’t sparkles and sunshine at the start, it was tears and heartbreak.

And time and time again we stuck it out, learnt more about the other, and what made us. And time and time again, we chose love. And every time we choose love, we grow a little bit more together.

And when you choose to love, you know your reasons and they are the ones that remind you why in the times when you’re asking yourself why..

Time and time again, you chose love. But most importantly, you chose me to love.