You Deserve An All-In Kind Of Love


You deserve to receive a wholehearted love. Not halfway, not maybe, not I think so, what if, or doubted love.

The right one will realize your worth, and will cherish your time together. They’ll make sure you know you are loved, and they will do anything to make you happy.

You can spend years putting in everything you got to feel wanted, respected, and appreciated in return, but it never comes. Constantly wondering what more you can possibly do to make them happy, to hear words of affirmation, for some attention. The answer is simple. They’re so used to you being there that he’s lost sight of what really matters. You!

People get so caught up in themselves, everyone else around, going out, work, sports, even travelling, and they forget about the person who is right next to them though all of these. The attention and effort towards you get pushed to the side because “you live together and are together all the time”.

Don’t get me wrong, all of those things are important in anyone’s life. I am a firm believer in having time apart doing your own separate things, but that doesn’t mean you neglect your other half all together. The truth is, you should not have to ask for someone’s words, attention, and time. It should be effortless, not a struggle to know if someone cares.

I get it. You get comfortable in the relationship. That doesn’t mean you stop all the things that brought you together in the first place…

Be best friends.

Respect each other.

Make each other laugh.

Say thank you.

Give a compliment.

Go on spontaneous adventure.

Help each other.

Be honest with each other.

Ask them how their day was.

Tell them you’re thinking about them.

Send them a text throughout the work day.

Give affection.

Say “I love you.”

Quit settling for a love that is one-sided. You will lose yourself trying to please them. You deserve a full-blown, all-in, unconditional love.