You Deserve Exactly This From Life


Have you ever taken time to reflect on how far you’ve come, how much you have accomplished, and how brave you are? Have you ever just allowed yourself to calm your mind long enough to focus on your achievements? The giving part is easy for you, supporting someone you love and helping them follow their dreams, but have you ever invested in your soul to explore what your passions are?

Have you ever stopped being the shoulder for everyone else and taken the time to dive deep into your heart and find out where your interests lie? Is there ever a point when you look back on your life and give yourself credit? You lived through difficult times, you shouldered responsibilities meant for an army, and rose above when retaliating would have been justified? Have you ever marveled at the goals that you crushed and accolades you acquired instead of downplaying them and yourself?

Maybe it’s time to envision your destiny independent of anyone else. It’s very humbling and honorable to always put other people above yourself but at what point is it a self-mechanism to guard you against taking a leap of faith for your own life. Are you afraid to fail, afraid to be laughed at, or made to feel foolish in the eyes of others? Maybe you’re putting too much worth in the opinion of others and not in you.

Life takes hold of you and carries you through infancy, childhood, adulthood, and old age if your lucky, but life can’t live for you! Take control of the wheel and drive your car because it won’t drive itself. You may get in a few fender benders along the way, but lucky for you, the insurance will cover the damage. You are built to be strong, you are built to withstand storms, and remember that making mistakes is what gives us wisdom and often lead us to the right path.

Be kind to your heart, nourish your body, and feed your mind. Find time every day to be grateful for everything you have triumphed over and believe in your abilities! I wish I could go back twenty years and tell my twenty-year-old self to run that marathon now, to write that book now, to ask that hot guy out, to walk in a room with confidence, and to stop covering up her beautiful body with baggy clothes. I wish I could hold her beautiful face in my hands, look into her big hazel eyes, tell her that she is gorgeous, she matters, and her voice deserves to be heard!

Maybe you are that insecure twenty-year-old, or that overwhelmed thirty-year-old mother or that middle-aged forty to fifty-year-old feeling like you missed your opportunity at happiness? Life has so graciously blessed you with today, you are still here, and I believe for a reason. It’s time to be selfish, it’s time to daydream, it’s time to set goals and it’s time to support your desires to see them manifest into reality. You deserve to breathe life into a world that you created, you deserve to feel the happiness from accomplishing what makes your heart sing.

I hope this jumpstarts your plan to come to fruition. I am proud of all the hurdles you jumped over. I am proud of the burdens that you carried. I am proud of the life circumstances you lived through that made you strong. I am proud of how fiercely you love and support people, but now it’s time to be loyal to yourself, it’s time to watch your dreams sore, and it’s time to take that leap of faith, I believe in you.