You Deserve Someone With A Soft Heart


You deserve someone who freely gives affection without holding back. Who leaves kisses across your forehead and neck and shoulders. Who reaches for your hand in crowds and squeezes hard to let you know they aren’t going anywhere.

You deserve someone who treats you with respect. Who handles arguments with class. Who comes to compromises with you instead of jumping down your throat and insisting they are right.

You deserve someone who spends time on you. Who rearranges their schedule to spend more time with you. Who requests off from work on your anniversary. Who is willing to drive miles to see you for only fifteen minutes because texting you is never enough.

You deserve someone who reveals their authentic self. Who never keeps the truth from you. Who prides themselves on their honesty. Who says the right thing instead of the easiest thing.

You deserve someone who scoots closer when you cry. Who wraps their arms around you and makes you feel safe. Who gives you a reason to smile when it feels like there is hardly any goodness left in the world.

You deserve someone who defends you. Who protects you. Who sticks up for you when someone talks badly about you even if you aren’t around to hear the unkind words. Who won’t tolerate anyone treating you poorly.

You deserve someone who supports your decisions. Who encourages you to chase your dreams. Who believes in your abilities, even when you are losing faith in yourself.

You deserve someone who gives out compliments without being goaded. Who thinks highly of you. Who admires you. Who makes you feel even more beautiful, strong, and intelligent.

You deserve someone who goes out of their way for you. Who answers your phone calls even when it’s inconvenient. Who helps you even when they have a million other things to do. Who places you high on their list of priorities.

You deserve someone who keeps their promises. Who follows through on what they tell you they are going to do. Who rarely disappoints you.

You deserve someone who treats your loved ones with kindness. Who enjoys spending time with your family. Who invites your friends to join with their friends. Who tries their hardest to get along with everybody.

You deserve someone who expresses their love with actions and words. Who says, “I love you” every time they leave for work or hang up the phone — but also randomly when they are sitting on the couch with you and thinking about how lucky they are to have you.

You deserve someone who gives you space. Who never tries to take control of you. Who allows you to have your own life.

You deserve someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. Who admits how they are feeling without being forced. Who makes sure you are always updated on what’s going on in their world because you deserve to know.

You deserve someone with a soft heart. Someone who puts as much energy into the relationship as you do.