You Deserve That Second Chance


There you are in your room, staring blankly at the ceiling, contemplating on the decision that you are about to make. It’s not rocket science, really. It’s not supposed to bother you this way. How long have you waited for him again to come around and realize your worth? Does it feel like how you imagined reconciling with him would be? This should be easy… but somehow, everything sits poorly with you.

Let me give you an unsolicited advice… do not go back to him.

I know they say that everyone deserves a second chance, but a second chance should be given without any heaviness in the heart. It’s something that should come from you effortlessly. No doubts. No hesitance.

A second chance is probably an idea that fascinates you now, but it’s not always for someone who broke your trust and took away your faith.

Maybe this second chance is for you after all.

To give yourself a second chance to not make the same mistake again… to save yourself from feeling the same pain you tried so hard to leave behind.

Love shouldn’t scare you. A relationship should tear down the walls you built so high after he left you, and yet this is not the case. With him, you’re a living paranoia… this second chance doesn’t even feel worth the while and you know that. You know so well what kind of second chance it is that you deserve… and it’s not with him.

Grant yourself that second chance to embrace your solitude and love every bit of it.

Permit yourself that second chance of finding your happiness, your passion, the things that excites you and makes you grow as a person.

Allow yourself that second chance for a genuine love that will not make you feel it’s a difficult path to choose.

It may feel like you are embarking in a foreign land and I know it will be uncomfortable to step out of a familiar ground, but this is you rediscovering life beyond what he had instilled in your heart. Yes, he was that person that you have always longed for… but let me remind you as well that he is the same person that made your whole being ache and break when he turned his back on you. And if this second chance with him worries you more than it brings peace in your heart, are you willing to go through the uncertainty of having everything you worked so hard to put back together be shattered again by the same person? I know you’re not. You’re wiser than that. You value yourself and you are not going to waste the rest of your lifetime.

Please, do your heart a favor and choose yourself this time.