You Deserve To Find An All-Consuming Love


We deserve an all-consuming love. We deserve someone who enjoys our company. We deserve the late nights, the endless laughing and the overwhelming feel of happiness. We know we deserve all of this plus more. So why do we settle for mediocre? Why do we stay clinging to someone who might not even care about us? Why do we put in 110%, but get back 5%? Because maybe that person isn’t ready for an all-consuming love. Maybe they are scared, nervous, or even unprepared for that step. But what about you?

Are you ready? If you are, then go ahead and cut off all communication and start new. I did it. I started new. And the amount of stress lifted was overwhelming. So much, that I cried happy tears. I felt free. I felt like my old self. That’s what I’ve learned.

Focus on you. Focus on your life. Focus on your goals. Focus on your dreams.

You will then find someone who is on your level. You deserve someone on your level. And if they are not on your level just yet, but you see potential in them? Then help them realize their potential and build them up to your level. You will consume yourself with their ideas, thoughts, actions, and behavior. If you push them to be a better version of themselves, then they will notice it. Believe in your power to find that all-consuming love.

To be loved, to be cared for, to be simply cherished… that is what I wait for.

Do not be afraid to wait for your epic love story. It may take a while, but do not give in. Do not settle. Your love story is waiting for you. Your other half is waiting for you. Go say hello, go compliment her floral dress or his cute little smirk. Do not waste time on someone who does not notice your worth.

Your future love story is worth fighting for.

Be patient. Be loving. Be sappy. Go out and order one milkshake with two straws. Go out and hold hands, while walking through the city. Go out and get lost on an adventure. Go out and talk for hours about what house you want, where you want to live and where you see yourself in five years. Go find that all-consuming love that makes you feel alive. Go find that lovely person who makes you happy. They may be a friend, they may be a stranger, they may be the customer that comes into the same coffee shop as you every Friday morning.

Point is, find your love that gives you 110% back.

You deserve to smile from ear to ear. You deserve to come home and find an envelope with a handwritten note, saying, “I adore you.” Be patient. You will find that. I believe it. I believe in the power of love. I believe in the power of you and your crush. Go tell them you like them. Don’t hold it back. Don’t be scared. Take that leap. I didn’t and I regret it. You’ll find that person who understands you and is on your level. Build your empire together. Find your all-consuming love by keeping your heart open to possibilities that could very well change your perspective on love.