You Deserve To Marry Your Best Friend


I don’t remember when exactly did we got along, but I’m just happy that no matter what time zone are we in – we’d always pick up where we left off. I’ve always heard the phrase ‘marry your best friend’ from numerous people and thought it was something to live by. I mean, it really makes perfect sense when you think about it.

My best friend knows just about everything there is to know about me.

He knows when to eat all my onions in my pasta, or any other dish for that matter. He knows when and how to make me laugh when it seems like it’s about 35 degrees outside but I’d feel as if the sun will just never shine. And I don’t ever want to wake up. He knows how bad I am with my parallel parking skills and that sometimes I drive like a maniac. He knows how candid I can be and that sometimes I space out a lot because I just don’t want to get involve. He knows (and enjoys laughing about) my past and he enjoys being in my present.

Why wouldn’t I marry my best friend? Why would I even think twice before diving into a life with the person who just gets me? Who I don’t even have to explain myself why I am the way I am. Like why I have a chronic resting bitch face on most days.

Because life is more than just understanding someone.

Life is about compromise and consequences. Life is to be patient and to tolerate with people who are always trying to bring you down. Life is knowing how to handle people with respect and grace wherever you go. Life is building a bridge for someone knowing damn well you may not cross it with them. And sometimes that’s okay. Life is giving and giving and giving and hoping they give in return.

So, you don’t just marry your best friend because they understand you. You marry someone who strives to go further and achieve more. You marry someone who cares. Marry someone who would waltz the very ends of the Earth to be yours.